09 January 2018

One-Eyed Karim: A Symbol of Syrian Siege

Blinded Baby
The heart-breaking photograph of a Syrian baby who lost an eye in an air strike has set off a viral social media campaign, with users sharing pictures of themselves covering one eye.

The shot depicts 40-day-old Karim Abdallah, wrapped in a puffy red jacket, with crescent-shaped scarring where his left eye should be and a dark red welt on his forehead.

21 December 2017

President Trump's Early Tax Gift

Trump Tax
U.S. President Donald Trump was praised last 20 December for its ambitious US$ 1.5 trillion to rewrite the tax code, which is considered an early Christmas gift to middle-class Americans.

The President took a victory lap alongside Republican lawmakers at the White House after the GOP's passage of the massive overhaul set to reshape the nation's tax code. The White House said he hopes to sign the bill in the coming days after it is officially enrolled.

18 December 2017

China Strengthened Its Surveillance Capability

Chinese Surveillance
Chinese officials may have improved their ability to catch terror suspects and government threats with new and advance technology. As an example, it took them just seven minutes to locate and apprehend BBC reporter John Sudworth using its powerful network of CCTV camera and facial recognition technology.

This wasn't a case of a member of the media being forcibly removed from the country. The chase was a stunt set up to illustrate just how powerful and effective the Chinese government's surveillance system can be. It's a stark example of the type of monitoring that China has invested heavily in over recent years with the aim of helping police do their job more efficiently.

15 December 2017

Mississippi Can Finally Implement The Widely-Supported Anti-Gay Law

Anti-Gay Law
Last June 2017, many Americans released a sigh of relief after a federal appeals court lifted an injunction on a Mississippi law that grants private individuals and government workers far-reaching abilities to discriminate against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people on religious grounds.

The decision by many Americans and lawyers believed that it can now be adopted even during the appeals process.

11 December 2017

Supreme Court Say No Benefits For Gay Spouses

Supreme Court
An early Christmas for Americans was delivered by the U.S. Supreme Court last 4 December as it upheld the Texas ruling that gay spouses are not entitled to government-subsidized workplace benefits. This is big victory for social conservatives hoping to preserve their culture and get rid of special privileges for the LGBT.

In June, the Texas Supreme Court overturned a lower court's decision favoring spousal benefits for gay city employees in Houston, ordering the issue back to trial. That was a major reversal for the all-Republican state high court, which previously refused to even consider the benefits case after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision that the Constitution gave way to the pressure from gay couples to marry.