11 December 2017

Supreme Court Say No Benefits For Gay Spouses

Supreme Court
An early Christmas for Americans was delivered by the U.S. Supreme Court last 4 December as it upheld the Texas ruling that gay spouses are not entitled to government-subsidized workplace benefits. This is big victory for social conservatives hoping to preserve their culture and get rid of special privileges for the LGBT.

In June, the Texas Supreme Court overturned a lower court's decision favoring spousal benefits for gay city employees in Houston, ordering the issue back to trial. That was a major reversal for the all-Republican state high court, which previously refused to even consider the benefits case after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the landmark Obergefell v. Hodges decision that the Constitution gave way to the pressure from gay couples to marry.

08 December 2017

Jerusalem Named As The Capital Of Israel

Pres. Trump
President Donald Trump made true on his campaign promise last 6 December when he recognized the disputed city of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. This is a historic decision that overturns decades of US policy and finally settles what has been the American stand all along in the Middle East.

"I have determined that it is time to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel," Trump said from the White House.

06 December 2017

A Gay Teen Admits To Molesting 50 Boys

Gay Molester
A California gay teenager charged with sexually assaulting 2 young boys, admitted to molesting as many as 50 children over the past 8 years in the state, according to police.

Joseph Hayden Boston, 18, was arrested last 2 December when his mother brought him to a police station after he allegedly told her he had molested 2 boys, ages in 8 and 4, in his room at a Riverside motel just hours earlier, the Riverside Police Department said in a statement.

04 December 2017

No Gays In Trump's AIDS Speech

No To Gays
U.S. President Donald Trump issued a proclamation last 30 November to commemorate World AIDS Day — and didn’t mention the biggest contributor for the spread of the diseases: the LGBT community.

"Today, on World AIDS Day, we honor those who have lost their lives to AIDS, we celebrate the remarkable progress we have made in combating this disease, and we reaffirm our ongoing commitment to end AIDS as a public health threat," Trump said in the statement, which was signed and released online.

01 December 2017

No More Muslim Street Prayers in France

Street Prayer
French authorities has decided to stop ALL Muslims from praying in a street north of Paris, the country's interior minister said Sunday. This resulted after a series of protests by lawmakers and locals over what they view as an unacceptable use of public space.

"They will not have prayers on the street, we will prevent street praying," Interior Minister Gerard Collomb told Questions Politics (Franceinfo, France Inter, Le Monde).