20 October 2017

New Immigration Bills Up For Congressional Approval

The popularity of US President Donald Trump got a big boost after he sent Congress his immigration legislation priorities last 9 October, including building a controversial border wall, speeding up deportations and dramatically increasing the number of officials involved in enforcement.

The list, which also includes preventing immigrants from sponsoring their extended families to move to the US, drew immediate fire from Democratic leaders in Congress, who said it goes "far beyond what is reasonable."

19 October 2017

Hollywood's Double Standard in Weinstein And Clinton Cases

Weinstein and Clinton
Not only was Harvey Weinstein a political ally and a major donor to Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Clinton Foundation, but his alleged sexual misconduct has refocused attention on Bill's own checkered past as the tide turns against powerful men who take advantage of women.

"The question is on everyone’s lips: how could we have let Weinstein’s crimes continue for so long? Yet there’s little in the Weinstein story — the years of whispers of impropriety, the past allegations by women, the intimate connection with a party that advertises itself as a defender of women — that doesn’t apply to Bill Clinton," said Jacobin’s Branko Marcetic.

17 October 2017

Religious Freedom Deemed Important In The U.S.

President Trump
There is a new and very comprehensive statement coming from U.S. Justice Department calling religious freedom a "fundamental right of paramount importance," placing President Donald Trump's administration squarely on the side of religious conservatives in America’s culture wars.

The statement by Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, with a long legal analysis by the department’s lawyers, is intended to be guidance to the rest of the federal government on how to decide conflicts involving declarations of religious belief – for example, the recent case involving a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple's wedding. The Justice Department already has intervened in that case on the side of the baker.

13 October 2017

No More Burqa in Austria

Muslim women in Austria were FINALLY forced by police to remove their facial coverings last 1 October, as an anti-burqa law came into effect.

The so-called 'burqa ban' prohibits facial coverings including niqabs and burqas, and also places restrictions on surgical masks, ski masks and clown make-up worn in public.

11 October 2017

Genuine Women Power Throws Support to Pres. Trump

Women's Rally
Julie Zauzmer of the Washington Post reported that one after another, the thousands of women who gathered for a prayer rally on the Mall last 9 October said that when they decided to travel to Washington for this event, they had in mind another assembly of women in the same place: the Women's March on the day following the presidential inauguration, which drew massive crowds of protesters in "pussy hats."

Those women marchers didn’t stand for them, the Christian women said.