20 November 2017

The Phil. Gov't. Resumes Contraceptive Distribution

The Department of Health (DOH) will start including implants in the family planning commodities being distributed to its regional offices after the Food and Drug Administration certified 51 contraceptives as non-abortifacient or cannot cause abortion.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said they are ready to distribute 261,000 implants, within 10 months, to civil society organizations and local government units as they fully implement the Reproductive Health Law.

17 November 2017

Trump's Campaign Against Illegals, Terrorists and Muslims Bear Results

Finally, President Donald Trump has successfully trim down the number of illegals, terrorists and followers of Islam entering the American soil. In fact, only nine hundred and thirteen refugees were admitted to the United States during August, the first time the monthly intake has dropped below one thousand in 15 years, and the smallest number of monthly admissions since October 2002.

August's arrivals followed a pattern evident since the start of the Trump administration – a declining proportion of Muslims in comparison to Christians and adherents of other faiths.

06 November 2017

Parents of Bullies Will Face Jail Time

Parents of Bullies
Parents in a New York town could now be sentenced to jail time if their children or children under their care are found to have bullied others, thanks to a new law.

Victoria Crago began advocating for the law in North Tonawanda, New York, after she said her eighth-grade son was attacked by a classmate right in front of her.

03 November 2017

A Boastful Racist Teaching Assistant Got The Boot

Racists Teaching Assistant
A vile and racist online post by a University of Pennsylvania teaching assistant landed her in hot water after she calls on black women and people of color in class ahead of white people. The discriminatory practice by a liberal educator has sparked calls for her removal.

Stephanie McKellop, a Ph.D. student and teaching assistant for a history class titled "Sinners, Sex and Slaves: Race and Sex in Early America," posted 16 October on her personal Twitter account that "I will always call on my Black women students first. Other POC get second tier priority. WW come next. And, if I have to, white men."

30 October 2017

Egypt Steps Up Crackdown of Gays Flaunting Behavior

Members of the sexually deviant and practitioners of unhealthy intercourse are now living in fear in Egypt after a spike of arrests aimed at collecting all LGBT people.

In the latest of a series of moves to address the health threat posed by gay people, armed officers swept into a popular cafe in downtown Cairo recently and detained at least a dozen gay men at a nearby police station.